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Q. How can I purchase a ticket?
A. Tickets can be purchased online 24 hours a day at http://tickets.worldcafelive.com/ or, 10am-10pm Monday through Saturday, and 4pm to 10pm on Sunday, in person at World Cafe Live's Box Office at 3025 Walnut Street or by phone at 215-222-1400.


Q. Do I really need to buy a ticket in advance?

A. Performances in Downstairs Live often sell out, so purchasing tickets in advance is recommended. For Upstairs Live performances, while we can’t guarantee tickets will always be available, you can usually get them on the night of the show.

Q. What is "will call"?
A. Will call enables you to order your tickets ahead of time and have them waiting for you at the Box Office on the night of the show. The Box Office is located in the main lobby just inside the Walnut St. entrance.

Q. What do I need to bring to pick up my will call tickets?
A. All you need is your photo ID and the credit card that you used to purchase the tickets.

Q. Can I have tickets sent to me instead of Will Call?
A. While we do not send out tickets via postal mail, we do have a "print at home" option available. When this option is selected, the tickets are emailed to you and you can print them on your home printer.

Q. How does Print @ Home ticketing work?
A. For ticket orders for our Downstairs Live you will have a choice between will call or Print @ Home. For ticket orders for our Upstairs Live we only offer the will call option. When you select Print @ Home, you will receive a confirmation email. In that email is a link that reads, "Click here to print your tickets". Click on the link (in the email) and your tickets will pop up in a new window. Print out all pages and bring them with you to the show! Note: you will need a copy of the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to print out these tickets.

Q. Can I change my e-mail address for print at home tickets?
A. Yes - just call us at 215.222.1400 and we will adjust your addresses for you and resend the email. Please have the credit card used on the purchase on hand so we can confirm that you are the cardholder.

Q. What if I can't print my print at home tickets?
A. That's ok! If you are having difficulty for any reason (e.g., broken printer), then just call the Box Office (215-222-1400) before the show. We will be happy to print out your tickets and have them waiting for you at will call. Then all you need is your photo ID and the credit card that you used to purchase the tickets to pick them up at will call on the night of the show.

Q. What is the seating like? What is the capacity?
A. We have three tiers of seating in Downstairs Live- Floor Level, Loge & Bar Level and Mezzanine Level, all with great sight lines. In a seated, bistro configuration it seats 300 but depending on the show, we can change the room from bistro to a mix of standing and seated, or on occasion, standing room only.

Q. If a show is booked for 7:30, what time will they really come on?
A. Our goal is always to have the music start on time, no later than 15 minutes from posted time. It will either be the opening act starting at that time if there is one announced or the headliner.

Q. What do you consider the best seats; i.e., if you're up front, will you be looking up at the stage?
A. In all honesty there really is not a bad seat in the house. No seat is more than 70 ft away from the stage. It all depends on your personal preference. At the Floor level you are closest and at the Loge & Bar level you are eye to eye in height. Our premium seating in the Mezzanine offers a balcony view from couches and high top tables with a private bar. You can't go wrong but it is a matter of personal preference.

Q. What processing fees do you charge for ticket purchases?
A. Tickets for all of our events can be purchased with cash at our Box Office before the day of the show with a $2.50 processing fee. Tickets purchased over the phone or via the web typically carry a $3 - $6 per ticket fee.

Q. How can I receive an email copy of my order?
A. When you place an order, either on the web or over the phone, you are asked for your email address so that we may send out the confirmation email to you upon completion of your purchase.

Q. What happens if an event is canceled or rescheduled?
A. If a show is canceled, we will contact all ticket purchasers to alert them of the change and refund all the orders. If a show is rescheduled, ticket holders will be contacted with an option of keeping tickets for the rescheduled date, or receiving a refund. Refunds will not be authorized for issues regarding supporting acts as they are subject to change.

Q. What if I did not get my confirmation number?
A. Not to worry! If you ordered on the web, you can log in to your account to view your order(s). If your order was placed over the phone or in person at the Box Office, just call 215-222-1400 or email us ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), provide us with your last name, and we'll look up your order.

Q. Can I get a refund for my order?
A. Unfortunately, there are no refunds or exchanges for tickets.

Q. Can I change the name that my tickets are held under at will call?
A. Yes, you can. Just call the Box Office and request that the Will Call Authorization Form be sent to you. By filling this out and providing the required information, your tickets can be left for a friend.


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